Grief Support Group

Nativity of Our Lady in San Luis Obispo.

SAN LUIS OBISPO – Beginning on Thursday, 4 August 2022, the parish of the Nativity of Our Lady, 221 Daly Avenue, will be offering a new session of their grief support group from 1pm until 3pm, continuing weekly through Thursday, 15 September 2022.

Anyone who has experienced the difficult loss of a loved one and is still feeling a sense of grief, or who has a desire to remember and honor that person in a special way, is invited to participate.

The setting of the parish’s Grief Support Group offers its participants an opportunity to discuss and explore the many feelings and phases that surround the journey of grief, to engage in the spiritual and healing aspects, and to discover the many God-given graces that can be gained through the process of mourning.

Space is limited so early registration is encouraged. For more information or to RSVP, contact the parish office at 805-544-2357.

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